• It has many years of professional service programs and mature experience of various airlines worldwide,o provide customers with advantages, lean and professional logistics services.
  • Meticulous management,Continuous lean improvement,Improve the efficiency of each link,Optimizing cost,Meet the diversified needs of customers
  • Professional project operation team and Transportation Management Department of special goods Design and implement different operation plans for each customer.
  • Strong overseas door to door transport control and customs clearance capability,Bring the service to the terminal,Reducing tariff costs and overseas transport risks
  • nternational management of ISO,Detail service in place 
  • Changan Ford high quality railway transport service provider,Provide the whole course transportation solution for railway commodity car
  • High quality partners of China Railway,Implementation of railway door to door, door to station, station to station, door to warehouse, station to library transportation mode.
  • Have five fixed classes of railway transportation,Mature operation mode of point to point fast class,implementation of the rapid and dedicated transport